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Major PHP IDE Features available in PhpED

PhpED is the leading PHP IDE with Advanced PHP Editor, PHP Debugger and PHP Profiler, Code Insight, Database Client, Integrated Help System, full support for JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML, SMARTY, XHTML and other. The features available in PhpED bring you unmatched number of great PHP Tools

Advanced Editor

  • Full support for PHP versions from 5.4 to 8.3 in IDE and the Editor - from functions and local variables to namespaces and aliases
  • Dynamic Syntax Highlighting Flash Demo
    The editor will automatically switch the syntax highlighting dependant on the position in the file. The strength of PHP is in ability to embed it in the other documents, like HTML. However, sometimes the document becomes too crowded with the lines of code from multiple languages. Auto-switch feature will let you focus on the code and the language that you are currently working on. It will only highlight those parts of the document, which are written in the same language as the current position of the cursor and deem the rest of the text. The editor will switch between php, html, smarty, css and javascript, depending on the type of the file.
  • Multiple Language Syntax Highlighting Flash Demo
    Code sensitive syntax color highlighter gives you the ability to have separate highlighting for different languages in the same file. Highlighting for each language is of course fully configurable in PhpED's settings.
  • Auto Highlight variable
    System highlights all occurrences of a variable in the Editor, when PHP variable is selected. Also highlighted are open/close HTML tags
  • Code Folding Flash Demo
    Selectively hide and display sections of a currently-edited file. PHP IDE displays the collapsible regions of the code with folding marks. Works for PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS and other.
  • Support for all HTML standards - 3.2, 4.0, xhtml, 5.0
  • Fast search
    Modal non-blocking search in background, starts from the top after full cycle. Fast Search shortcut
  • Fast File Open
    Open a file in seconds even in multi-thousand files project using PHP IDE's Fast File Open feature
  • Diff viewer
    Shows side by side difference between the file in the editor and local and remote copies
  • Worksets Flash Demo
    Make multiple snapshots of your current Editor context and switch to and from them at any time. Learn more about PHP IDE Worksets
  • More editor features
    Bookmarks and comments tab, transparent highling and more of PHP Editor Tools

Debugging and Profiling Flash Demo

  • Commercial versions of PHP DBG Debugger - the most powerful debugger currently available provides unmatched debugging productivity and safety in both local and remote debugging modes. Learn more
  • Debugger communications are encrypted with TLS 1.3. Authenticated access to debugger with SSL Certificates (available to PRO customers only)
  • PhpED advanced php profiler shows executing time for each line, function or module of the code with tenth millisecond's precision. You can locate all the bottlenecks quickly and efficiently. Profiler saves all the timings among multiple sessions so your can compare them and evaluate the improvements. Learn more
  • PHP SQL Profiler in PhpED - In addition to general PHP profiler that allows you to analyze the code performance in order to find bottlenecks in the code, PhpED also provides PHP SQL profiler to trace SQL queries made in PHP code. Learn more...
  • Triggering debugger on errors or exceptions. Learn more
  • Remote and local debuggin setup with easy to follow wizard
  • Evaluate/Modify - in addition to on-the-fly tool tips you can evaluate an expression too complex for tool tip
  • Parallel Debugging - The ability to run multiple debugging sessions in parallel is a must have for applications making Ajax, REST, SOAP or other Web Services calls to the other PHP scripts possibly running on another Web servers. With this unique feature you can debug script making a call, then continue debugging in the called script and switch back and forth at any point between all scripts captured by the debugger.
  • SSH Tunnels can be setup directly in PHP IDE and used for remote debugging
  • Debug sessions are supported with clients running in external browsers as well as in browsers built in the IDE or right in the seamless integrated terminal for CLI script debugging, both local and remote sites.

Code Insight Flash Demo

  • Code Completion. Dynamically provides the available properties and methods for a given variable or class, and automatically concludes partially typed keywords. Code completion works for JavaScript, HTML and CSS too. It shows properties for tags, classes and attributes. Flash Demo
  • Tool tips and Instant error analysis for Php, JavaScript, HTML and CSS make coding an easy task - no more simple mistakes and typos.
  • Full control over different versions - select which parser to use for any PHP version or HTML and CSS - including HTML5 and CSS3
  • Project-wide code explorer in PhpED IDE shows all php, javascript classes, methods, properties, functions and variables in every detail and facilitates object-oriented programming. Also supported: HTML and CSS.
  • Hints show you arguments and returning value for a just typed function, as well as a short description for them.
  • Fast functions reference shows you all the PHP functions as they are available from PHP extensions. Nested calls are supported with unlimited nesting level.
  • Code intelisense JavaScript - with full support for ECMA262 features.
  • Code completion for projects that use jQuery and extJS popular JavaScript libraries.
  • Code intelisense HTML Tags - IDE automatically adds closing bracket when you type in HTML tag
  • Auto Add HTML attributes - IDE automatically displays required attributes when the tag is entered
  • Code intelisense CSS - with support for CSS3 features
  • PHP, HTML, and CSS code Validator
    PhpED's built-in code Validator checks out the syntax in PHP, HTML and CSS code and displays the error - both in the PHP editor and error bar. PHP IDE finds all errors that will cause problems during execution - e.g. missing semicolons, open brackets, missing quotes etc. HTML sections of the code are checked for unmatched tags and/or attributes, which are not supported in the corresponding version of HTML standard, missing re quired attributes, open quotes etc. Learn the details of the Code Validator here.
  • Find usage - Simple click to find all places where selected function, method or class are used in the Project.


  • Full integration with phpUnit
  • Easy to use UI to setup all options available in phpUnit configure.xml
  • Display of Code Coverage
  • In-Editor display of the tree of tests, with the ability to execute all or selected tests, navigation to source files and filtering of the display tests
  • Display, storage and export of the results to csv or excel.

Embedded browsers

  • See the pages generated by your code in Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome without leaving the IDE. You can also use any external browser of course

Php Frameworks support

  • Php Frameworks are fully supported by PhpED's code completion, function call cue, find declaration and other PhpED Code Insight features. Frameworks tab provides additional level of support for MVC based PHP Frameworks with the detection and display of views and controllers and their dependencies. PhpED Frameworks support is ideal for the development of the application using CakePhp, Joomla, CodeIgniter, Yii, Symfony, Prado or Zend - read the details about MVC PHP Frameworks support.

Even more Advanced Editor

  • Smarty Highlighter
    PhpED comes with Syntax Highlighter for Smarty's .tpl files. This feature, combined with Dynamic Syntax Highlighting and Multiple Language Syntax Highlighting provides for unmatched convenience and productivity of PHP developers using Smarty templates in their work.
  • True Unicode editing. Create web pages in several natural languages simultaneously.
  • Code templates allow you to type whole code fragments at once by a single key press. You can add new templates and change existing ones.
  • Fully customizable shortcuts, advanced editor features such as brace matching, context-sensitive auto-indent and smart-home speed up your work significantly.
  • Search and replace scope. Now find and replace works in multiple files and directories as well as in all opened files! Regular expressions allow you to find text using complex conditions.
  • Drag-n-drop operations support. Try to drag an image from the file browser or project manager in to your HTML page directly. Database explorer supports drag operations too.

Project and File Management

  • Quick deployment. Once publishing is set up according to your needs, you can upload your PHP projects with a single click!
  • SmartSync feature to keep local and remote copies of the files in sync. Intuitive user inteface and symmetric differences display
  • Project-wide code explorer in PhpED IDE shows all php classes, methods, properties, functions and variables in every detail and facilitates object-oriented programming.
  • Secure deployment. Support for SFTP, FTPS (TLS/SSL) and WebDAV/HTTPS (SSL) protocols make deployment and data transfer secure now
  • Fast deployment of remote project on local networks. Support of Windows Share (Samba)
  • Enhanced integration. Integrate PhpED IDE with 3rd party tools like Tortoise SVN or Tortoise CVS.
  • Terminal connections (Telnet and SSH) are supported. Perform your remote administration tasks from within PhpED
  • Embedded tools for more effective coding, editing and code management. PhpED IDE includes a number of pre-configured tools like PHP documentor, HTML Tidy, Code Formatter, Html Validator and CVS client.

Database client

  • SQLite, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and InterBase support. Quick access to multiple types of databases through a GUI tool boosts up your productivity. Browse the tables, drag and drop fields, tables names, views, stored procedures, triggers etc. and run any sql statement to manipulate the data and the metadata stored in the database - all without leaving the IDE.
  • NuSoap wizard and NuSoap connection client let you easily enhance your code with WDSL services. Drag-n-drop is fully supported Flash Demo

Refactoring of PHP code

  • Extract any selected block of code into a method or function
  • Rename and identifier - variable, function, class or method and the system will update all usages of that identifier in the project
  • Side by side differences display of before and after refactoring operation

Integrated help system

  • Embedded manuals. PhpED is delivered with several most needed manuals, including manuals and references for php, css2, html4.01, html3.2, mysql, postgresql, smarty and others. You can customize the list of manuals adding other resources you may need for your work.
  • Context help for Php, HTML and CSS. Pressing F1 invokes context sensitive help for the code under cursor (php functions, html tags and attribute and css classes).

Supported platforms for NuSphere PhpED:

  • Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012R2, Windows Server 2016 -- 32 and 64 bit versions
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