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PHP Editor Tools

PHP Editor is obviously by far the most important and the most visible of all PHP Tools. Speed and high configurability of PhpED are always among the top reasons why our users by PHP IDE from NuSphere. You can learn what is special about NuSphere's PHP Editor Tools by reading our PhpED Difference page. Major PHP Editor Features like Dynamic Syntax Highlighting Flash Demo, Multiple Language Syntax Highlighting Flash Demo, Code Folding Flash Demo, Search and replace multiple lines in scope, Drag-n-drop operations, Smarty Highlighter, True Unicode editing, Code templates, Fully customizable shortcuts, advanced editor features such as brace matching, context-sensitive auto-indent, smart-home and of course the most powerful Code Insight Flash Demo speed up your work significantly.

Refactoring PHP Tools

PHP IDE supports entire development cycle - from writing PHP code in PHP Editor to Testing and Debugging. With PhpED you can easily pay your technical debt with Refactoring PHP Tools

PHP Code Completion

PHP Code Completion and Autocorrection set PHPEd apart from any PHP IDE and PHP Editor. This set of features, also known as Code Insight dynamically provides the available properties and methods for a given variable or class, list of previously used PHP variables and automatically finishes partially typed keywords. Code completion works for HTML and CSS as well. It shows properties for tags, classes and attributes. In addition to completing the function calls, variables and other PHP objects, PhpED PHP code completion also works for nested PHP Classes and method calls and also uses Type Hints to provide hints for dynamically assigned variables.

PHP Code Folding

PhpED Code folding is another great productivity booster added to the array of NuSphere PHP Tools. With Code Folding you can selectively hide and display sections of a currently-edited file. PHP IDE displays the collapsible regions of the code with folding marks. You can manage large regions of potentially complicated text within one window, while still viewing only those subsections of the text specifically relevant to the editing session.

PHP, HTML, and CSS code Validator

PhpED's built-in code Validator helps you find the errors in PHP and HTML and CSS code that will cause the problems during the execution before you actually run the code. Learn the details of the Code Validator here.


PHP WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) tools in NuSphere PhpED provide an intuitive and productive environment for building PHP applications. Visual rendering of a Web Page in a browser is straightforward when using static HTML, however the rendering of PHP code presents unique challenges for designers of PHP application.

PHP Editor Search

PHP Editor provides the means to easily find and replace lines of PHP Code. In addition to PHP Code Explorer and PHP Code Navigator, PhpED provides PHP Editor with powerful Search and Replace features. Search and Replace features in PhpED's editor support searching and replacing of multiple or single lines, use of regular expression, ability to search in one or multiple files and much more.

Commenting/Uncommenting blocks of code

The editor allows commenting and uncommenting blocks of code both in Php and HTML with just few clicks. If no current block is selected, the editor comments the current line. Using the same shortcut on the commented block uncomments it.

Re-Indent Code

You can make an order out of any mess in PHP, HTML, JavaScript or CSS file using Edit->Re-indent code button (default shortcut Alt+F6). PhpED will set the indentation for classes, methods and functions, as well as syntax constructs such as if and switch, curly brackets and also tags and elements, according to the language rules of the file

Pre-defined shortcuts for most common html tags

Save time typing numerous <td>s, <div>s and <span>s - it's all automated.

Auto Highlight variable

Click on PHP or JavaScript variable and the system will highlight all occurrences of this variable in the Editor. Also highlighted are open/close HTML tags.

Numbered Bookmarks

Up to ten bookmarks in any script or document are enabled. Bookmarking specific locations provides quickly and consistently finding them whenever they are needed. You can toggle bookmarks on and off.
To toggle (set or remove) a bookmark:

  • Open the desired file and ensure it is selected.
  • Place the cursor where you want the bookmark changed (added or removed).
  • Press Ctrl+Shift then any digit between 0 and 9 to toggle the bookmark number in the current location.

You can see the location of the bookmark at the left-hand edge of the editing area, in the line numbers. A green book icon appears there, with the appropriate entered number.
If you enter a numbered bookmark already used in a file, the older location is removed and the bookmark is placed in the new location.

To go to an existing bookmark:

  • Make sure the desired file is open and selected.
  • Press Ctrl+Q, then the appropriate digit between 0 and 9. The cursor moves to the location of that bookmark (alternatively you may press Ctrl+n where n is a bookmark number to jump to).

If you attempt to jump to a bookmark that does not exist in that file, your cursor will stay in the same location in the file.
Bookmarks are removed when a file is closed, or when the bookmark is placed on another line. You can change shortcuts for bookmark actions using the Editor shortcuts tab.

Unnumbered bookmarks

You can also unnumbered bookmarks in PhpED. To do that

  • Open the desired file and ensure it is selected.
  • Place the cursor where you want the bookmark changed (added or removed).
  • Press Alt+F2 to toggle an unnumbered bookmark on or off
  • Use F2 and Shift+F2 to move between numbered or unnumbered bookmarks.
  • All bookmark comments appear in View->Tabs->Tasks/TODO window, you can also see these comments when you point cursor to the bookmark in the gutter

Tracking Changes

As you edit, all changed lines are marked with yellow stripe in the gutter, which turns green after the file is saved. The marking disappears if you select Undo and appears again if you select redo

Transparent highlight

When this option is selected in Tools->Settings->Appearance, the highlighting of the text selected in the Editor maintains the original highlighting superseding it with the highlighting of the selection making it easier for the user to see which language is the selected code written in.

PHP Smarty

How to program with PHP Smarty using PhpED? PHP Smarty engine is an implementation of PHP Templates. PHP Template is a great way of separation of business logic and presentation layers. Since PHP Smarty templates became very popular with PHP Programmers, PHP IDE should be expected to support syntax color highlighting for PHP Smarty templates and nothings does it better than PhpED.

PHP File

The PHP way of including a file is not always straightforward and requires clear understanding of include_path directive. Finding files included in PHP File and understanding of the mappings between fie paths in include() and corresponding absolute file path on the disk are much easier with PhpED's Open File at Cursor feature and PhpED's Project Properties Includes tab.

Learn more about other PHP Tools provided by NuSphere here.

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