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Accelerating PHP with NuSphere PhpExpress

PhpExpress is NuSphere Free PHP accelerator that provides support for loading of PHP files encoded with Nu-Coder - NuSphere PHP Encoder and also speeds up the execution of regular PHP files. While it is extremely easy to install and use, PhpExpress provides a spectacular increase in the speed of the execution of PHP scripts. If PHP script is encoded with Nu-Coder - NuSphere PHP Encoder PhpExpress loads encoded PHP scripts directly into PHP engine saving time and boosting performance of PHP interpreter. PhpExpress also implements caching for PHP engine and accelerates execution process even if PHP Script is not encoded. PhpExpress can be downloaded from NuSphere website and distributed Free Of Charge without limitations.

How to accelerate PHP scripts with NuSphere PhpExpress

PHP can literally get faster in a minute with NuSphere PhpExpress. NuSphere PHP Accelerator is a regular PHP engine extension and as such has only two requirements for installation and deployment:

PhpExpress dll or shared object files (phpexpress-php-x.x.dll or should be copied to PHP extensions directory specified in php.ini file

Directive extension=phpexpress-php-x.x.dll if you are deploying on Windows or if you are deploying on Unix, Linux or Mac OS operating systems should be entered in php.ini configuration file.

After installing PhpExpress please run phpinfo() script to make sure that NuSphere PHP Accelerator is properly installed.

How to accelerate PHP Scripts with PhpDOCK

NuSphere PhpDOCK is a unique deployment solution for PHP on windows. Starting with version 1.7 PhpDOCK comes equipped with PhpExpress and doesn't require any additional installations to make PHP applications run faster. PhpExpress can also be installed on older versions of PhpDOCK as described above.

How is PhpExpress different from other PHP accelerators

PhpExpress serves as a loader for PHP scripts encoded with Nu-Coder - NuSphere PHP Encoder. Unlike competing PHP Accelerators PhpExpress has been designed to provide much higher degree of support for the scripts using various PHP language constructs, such as pass by reference for example. PhpExpress is also much more reliable when it comes to the support of the PHP scripts encoded on various old versions of PHP.

Supported platforms

The following table describes the supported server configurations and locations of corresponding modules. Please select the right module applicable to your platform.

Operating SystemBitness and CPURequirementsArchive or LocationDirectory insideComments
Linuxx86, 32glibc >= 2.3phpexpress-3.1-Linux-glibc-2.3.tar.gzx86 
Linuxx86, 64glibc >= 2.3phpexpress-3.1-Linux-glibc-2.3.tar.gzx86_645
Windowsx86, 32TS PHP, VC6phpexpress-3.1-Windows\x86 1, 3
Windowsx86, 32NTS PHP, VC6phpexpress-3.1-Windows\x86_NTS 2, 3
Windowsx86, 32NTS PHP, VC8phpexpress-3.1-Windows\x86_NTS_VC8 2, 4
Windowsx86, 64TS PHP, VC8phpexpress-3.1-Windows\x86_64 1, 4
Windowsx86, 64NTS PHP, VC8phpexpress-3.1-Windows\x86_64_NTS 2, 4
FreeBSDx86, 32v.6 or higherphpexpress-3.1-FreeBSD-6.tar.gzx86 
FreeBSDx86, 64v.6 or higherphpexpress-3.1-FreeBSD-6.tar.gzx86_645
Sun (solaris)x86, 32v.10 or higherphpexpress-3.1-SunOS-5.10.tar.gzx86 
Sun (solaris)x86, 64v.10 or higherphpexpress-3.1-SunOS-5.10.tar.gzx86_645
NetBSDx86, 32v.5 or higherphpexpress-3.1-NetBSD-3.tar.gzx86 
NetBSDx86, 64v.5 or higherphpexpress-3.1-NetBSD-3.tar.gzx86_645
OpenBSDx86, 32v.4 or higherphpexpress-3.1-OpenBSD-4.tar.gzx86 
OpenBSDx86, 64v.4 or higherphpexpress-3.1-OpenBSD-4.tar.gzx86_645
Mac OSXx86, 32v.10.4 or higherphpexpress-3.1-MacOSX-10.5.0.tar.gzx86 
Mac OSXx86, 64v.10.4 or higherphpexpress-3.1-MacOSX-10.5.0.tar.gzx86_645
Mac OSXppc, 32v.10.4 or higherphpexpress-3.1-MacOSX-10.5.0.tar.gzppc 


  • TS PHP stands for php compiled with thread-safety turned on (see phpinfo output to make sure if you run php with this opetion)
  • NTS PHP stands for php compiled without thread-safety option (see phpinfo output to make sure if you run php with this opetion)
  • VC6 means that php is compiled with MS VC6 runtime library (msvcrt.dll)
  • VC8 means that php is compiled with MS VC 2005 runtime library (msvcr80.dll)
  • In case of 64bit hardware, please make sure that installed php is also 64bit, otherwise you need 32bit modules.

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