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NuSphere PhpED - New Features

PhpED Version 18.0 is a major point release of NuSphere flagman IDE. PHP developers looking for PHP Editor/IDE get a one stop shop for the support of the latest Web Development Tools. PhpED 18.0 comes with full support for PHP 7.1 in PHP Editor as well as added full support for Drupal for PHP Frameworks in local as well as in Remote Projects. We are excited to release PhpED 18.0 with the new version of PHP Debugger, even faster intellisense and code completion.

New features in PhpED 18.0 include:

Full Support for PHP7.1 (requires Windows 7 and up) in for PHP Editor/IDE and PHP Debugger. Read more about PHP7.1 in PhpED 18.0

Full support for Drupal PHP Framework. Like with all other supported PHP Frameworks the developers using Drupal can take full advantage of PHP Debugger to set a break point and step through your code and use PHP Frameworks tab to see Drupal views and controllers.

Support for .editorconfig . Making the most user friendly PHP IDE on the market even more convenient we added support of external settings. Read about using simple industry standard .editorconfig file with PhpED's familiar Tools->Settings->Editor settings tab.

We promise to boggle your mind with the following performance improvements in PhpED 18.0:
  • 3x reduction of the memory consumption on the projects with 2000 or more files
  • Up to 3x faster PHP IDE start up time
  • 1.5-2x faster code completion / find declaration and refactoring.

Massive improvements for PhpED display on large screens, including 4K and 5K resolutions. Version 18.0 supports clear, scaled display of the IDE on the resolutions even at 600dpi and more!

And much more - PhpED is a true full stack Web Development IDE.

Features introduced in previous version

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