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<Php debugger errorsTroubleshooting php debugger communications with ssh>
Last updated: Sat, 30 Dec 2023

Troubleshooting connectivity with remote debugger

If you're using SSH tunnel to connect debugger module with the IDE, please read troubleshooting instructions on this page Steps listed below can be followed only if ssh tunnel is not used.
  • Run NuSphere PhpED
  • Open Tools -> Settings -> Run & Debug page
  • Make sure that "Override client address" checkbox is not checked
  • Create a project in the Workspace window if you haven't already created one. Open Project Properties dialog and press Settings Wizard button.
  • Proceed with Project Wizard pages
  • If it says the debugger is not installed, please proceed with these instructions and install the debugger
  • If the problem is "debugger is not allowed to connect to the client machine", you have to update debugger.hosts_allow debugger setting in php.ini. It's what allows or disallows the debugger to connect to the client machine. In order to allow the connection, the line should contain client IP address, the address listed in the client outbound IP line in the Wizard results. For further details please read this page
  • If the communication between remote debugger and IDE is not established (timeout), please check whether client outboud IP line in the Wizard output shows "same" or "different" network. In case of different network, you have to use either NAT port forwarding or SSH tunnel. Follow these instructions and try troubleshooting tips in case of problems. If the network is the same, but connection times out, proceed with this page and make sure the firewals on the server and client are properly configured
  • As soon as the Wizard succeeded with its checks, connect to your server and create a simple script like below:
      echo "hello world";
  • Make sure it works in your browser, then open this file in the IDE using project's publishing account and press F7 (Step). At this moment the debugger should start
  • In case of any problems, don't hesitate to contact NuSphere Support using Contact us form

<Php debugger errorsTroubleshooting php debugger communications with ssh>
Last updated: Sat, 30 Dec 2023