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NuSphere PhpED - New Features

PhpED version 13.0 is all about speed and configurability of the IDE and attention to details. Not only does it add more to the large number of features delivered in versions 11.0 and 12.0, but version 13.0 also delivers the changes in settings and look and feel allowing the developer to take full advantage of the unique feature set in PHP IDE.

code completion in php framework
Code Insight underwent major overhaul resulting in faster speed and the level of code coverage incomparable with any other PHP IDE. Code Completion, Find Declaration and Call Tooltip now recognize not only standard constructs in phpdoc, such as 'keywords static and new' but also non-standard declarations used only in specific php frameworks. For example, our magento users will be pleased to see comprehensive code completion for the construction:
@return class1|class2|false
new version of PhpED wiil pick up all classes in the construct and use it in the code completion.

php editor themes
Color Schemes in the Editor. The user can use pre-defined themes or build a new one. You can define custom colors for only some or all elements, export and import the theme with other developers or move it from one computer to another.

indent guides in editor
Indent Guides (vertical lines corresponding to the levels of indentation). Added by popular requests, Indent Guides are also fully configurable, you can set the color for active and inactive guides as well as turn them on or off.

Wrap to indent - word wrap not to the left border but to the level of current indent. As always in PhpED this feature is configurable using Tools->Settings menu

More Code Insight - detection of the constants. While PhpED has always recognized functions and classes in the editor, Version 13.0 also adds syntax color highlighting of the constants with the color configurable in settings. Both standard and user defined constants are recognized

carbon look php editor
New IDE look and feel. PhpED v13.0 delivers modern, fresh looking ide with new option of Carbon look and feel added by popular request.

Features introduced in previous version

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