PHP 8 Support

PhpED provides full support for all PHP versions from 5.0 to 8.x, uncluding the latest 8.2, ranging from Syntax checks, intelisense and Code Completion to debugging of the code with Php Debugger.

How to set PHP interpreter to PHP 8.2

To select version 8 to be used by PHP interpreter and parser for PHP files in your Project select Tools -> Settings -> Run & Debug -> Settings, then select PHP 8.x in PHP Version dropdown PHP-8 IDE Settings
When the parser is set to PHP 8.x PhpED recognizes PHP 8 syntax constructs, highlights them properly and use them in Code Completion. All PHP 8 syntax features are supported. For example screenshot on the right shows named arguments, PHP attributes, union types and match expressions PHP-8 IDE syntax support
Of course debugging is supported too. PhpED 19.5 supports debugging for PHP-8 scripts out of box. PHP-8 IDE debugger

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